Friday, August 15, 2008

You can't lie to a fat chick

Obviously a Weight Watcher related if that doesn't float your boat (hehe reminds me of my friend that is 'gonna need a bigger boat'), feel free to flit off now.

OK, so if you're still reading, you must be interested.

How stupid do they really think I am? If you love me, you will NOT answer that! I frequent the Weight Watcher site threads. My favorite is the '200+ pounds to lose' thread as we all know what it's like to need to lose a massive amount of weight. We 'get it', we understand. The 'they' I'm referring to are the people that post false clothing sizes. Hello? We've been there, or we are there, and just how stupid do you think we are? Most of us, in our profiles, have our beginning weight and our current weight, so we know the score. So, today, I'm reading a thread about bra sizes. I know, who the hell cares? I was bored and did not want to do my work so I was reading it! The lady that started the post said she was measured for a bra and her size was a 44C. She then went on to say she wore a 14/16 top. She weighs in at 241 pounds. I was thinking, wow she must be tall as that's the size top I wear and I weigh 60 pounds less than that. I could deal with that OK. Now, the woman that wrote the next post, the one that prompted this poof of a blog, said she also wore a 44C bra and also wore a 14/16 size blouse. I thought wow...big hooters...I'm jealous! Then I noticed her weight, 326 pounds. I'm telling you right now there is no way in hell that a 326 pound woman can wear a 14/16 top unless she is A. 8 foot tall or B. there is no B! There is just no way in hell. So, I reiterate, how stupid do you think I am???? Why would you lie to a fat chick? We're not stupid, we're just fat. We've been there, we know we didn't wear a 14/16 at 326 pounds. It took me 10 fucking years to get to a size 14/16 and I sure the hell wasn't there at 326! I sure the hell wasn't there at 241 either, but that's just me! I never hit that size til I got well under 200 pounds. Do not lie to me. Do not insult my intelligence. You can lie to a skinny chick as they have no idea. You can't lie to a fat chick though!

I am through. I shall breathe now.


Kristie (WW Michigander) said...

Debby - LOVE IT!! I think the same thing all the time! I am right at 200# and am in an extra large/ 16/18! Where are they coming from?!

Daphne said...

Women in British magazines are somehow never over a size 18. Or so they claim, in spite of all visual evidence to the contrary. (I think British sizes are different from American ones though, but I'm not sure how).

Debby said...

Daph, our sizes aren't the same. I found several sites online that supposedly compared US and UK sizes...but they were all different! Yours run smaller than ours. For example, I'd never be able to get in a size 14/16 over there. Your shoe sizes are smaller than ours for sure. I think Queen Latifah is the only plus size model I know of. She's my idol!

Carlos said...

thanks for the shout out and also the truth telling. As Rodney Dangerfield said to his son in Back to School... Don't lie to me you lie to girls!