Saturday, August 9, 2008

I can do that

Those are words my husband will say often & they always make me smile.

Just now...Olympics on...some buff dude swinging around a bar, body fully extended, let go and made a perfect landing. Den said "I can do that'. When watching 'So you think you can dance' the other night, I wasn't surprised after seeing a former dancer first spinning on his head, and then nimbly leaping to his feet, to hear Den say 'I can do that'.

Those of you that don't know my better half have to realize he weighs in at a good 3&1/2 least. He's 6'2, flat footed, huge bellied, and just getting up out of the chair brings a symphony of moans and groans from him. 'I can do that' really doesn't mean he can do that. It's just a way to make me laugh or smile. He CAN do that.

Den maybe can't compete in the Olympics or break dance, but he can still be a winner with 'I can do that'. I worked 8 hours today and am really tired. I came home, cooked dinner, and I hate to do dishes. Den's answer? 'I can do that'. I mowed the front yard and back yard the other day but the weed whipper is heavy for me. Den's answer? 'I can do that'. I'll want a glass of milk or any little thing and Den's answer is always 'I can do that'. Yesterday at work the thought of lifting those heavy boxes of lettuce just about did me in. I know you're thinking lettuce? Heavy? Man I'm telling you those boxes weigh about 4o pounds and they're hard to get hold of and you have to dead lift them off the floor of the walk in. It's just at the limit of my strength. I asked Den if he could pretty please put them on the cart for me. His answer? The usual, "I can do that".

Yes, the words 'I can do that' always make me smile and I hope he never quits saying them.


Daphne said...

Lovely piece! I do hate that thing we have - in Britain at least, I don't know if it's reached the USA - where women often refer to their husbands or male friends as if - as a woman in the hairdresser's said the other day - "most men are useless". Most men I know are lovely - mind you, I steer clear of the ones who aren't!

Silverback said...

I dare you to ask him to whistle !

I also think you should take him to a bar in the UP so that when the owner asks "is there anyone here who would like to toss a midget?" Den can really say his phrase with some gusto.

And be prepared for him to break the 100 metre dash record.

Katherine said...

What a nice post. I hope I can have such a lovely relationship one day. I'm sure you deserve all the things he does for you.