Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mason's morning

My name is Mason. I live in a big house with my Mommy & Daddy and my Grammy & Grandpa. I have two dogs that I love to watch and 2 cats. I like bugs.

I woke up this morning really early. My tummy was empty. I tried to sleep longer as I knew it was too early to get up, but I just couldn't. I have a monitor in my room so Mommy & Daddy can hear me when I wake up. I tried talking into it but they don't understand my words yet. I think Grandma does though. When I talk to her she asks me questions about what I'm saying and everything. Anyway, I had to resort to crying as I want what I want when I want it. After a few whimpers I heard someone come into the room. I just knew it was my Mommy as I've the best mommy in the world. She loves me more than anything and she takes such good care of me. The very second I cry she's right there to pick me up. She laughs with me and reads to me and she's just the very best. I felt myself being lifted and then held close and snuggled. I looked up and it was my Grammy! Grandma has never gotten me up early in the morning before. What a treat this was! She wasn't talking to me because she didn't want Mommy & Daddy to hear on the monitor, but she was kissing me all over my face. It makes me smile when she does that. I slipped her some tongue. That always makes Grandma laugh!

Grandma and I headed downstairs and joy of joy, we were in the kitchen! I know that means someone is making me a bottle. Grandma is old and she talks to herself a lot. I still love her though. She was saying 'hmmmm which bottle should I use?' I pointed but she didn't seem to see which one I was pointing at. She finally found one. Then she started wandering around the kitchen. I thought maybe she forgot what she was doing as, well, she's old and she does that. Seems she just didn't know where Mommy put my formula. Thank goodness she found it and quickly made my bottle as I felt as if I might starve to death! She started to do the shake dance and I knew sustenance was coming soon.

Grandma had me under one arm, carrying me rather like a sack of potatoes I might add, and my bottle in the other hand. Just as I thought she might drop me, we made it to her rocking chair. I love when Grammy rocks me. Finally she gave me what I wanted. My bottle! Oh man it was good. I was so very hungry. I swilled the whole entire thing down in no time flat. Grandma sat me up to burp. Burping is good. It was dark in the living room and the only light came from Grammys laptop. My eyes were of course drawn to the light and that man was smiling at me again. Grandma has a picture of a man on what she calls her desktop and he smiles at me all the time. She says it's my great grandpa and he would have loved me so very much. Well that's a given. Everyone loves me. Anyway, this guy does look very special and he makes me smile. Grandma seems to really like it when I talk to this guy and smile at him, so I try to do it a lot for her. The little things make Grandma happy!

I started to get sleepy again and Grandma seemed to know just what I wanted. She snuggled me close and was talking to me in a soft voice. I love these special times with my Grammy. I'm going to miss her when she goes to Florida. She started to sing to me and that made me laugh as Grandma really, really, can't sing. Whew she thought my laugh was just because I was happy. I don't want to hurt her feelings as she really does try hard.

We were rocking and my eyes were rolling back in my head but I didn't want this time to end. I kept reaching up to touch Grammy's face. She loves when I do that and I love it too. I started to feel a little bit cold and Grandma knew that right away. She snuggled me closer into her soft, velvet robe. I smiled again. Grandma kissed me again and again. We rocked and snuggled and she kept telling me how much she loved me and how special I was. I felt Grammy get up out of the chair and she gave me more kisses and talked softly to me and then

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Katherine said...

Grammy, that's a really, really lovely post!

Next year my last leaves home... I'd never mention it to my kids, but I'm hoping I'm going to be a Grammy one day too! Sometime.