Saturday, August 23, 2008

The road to Florida

Is paved with good intentions.

I got up this morning and thought 'ohhhh I'll get a lot of things done today'. After drinking my obligatory 4 cups of coffee and eating a slice of the mouth watering zucchini bread I baked, I only had time to do one thing before work.

We leave for Florida on September 19th. That might sound like a lot of time to you. It isn't. We're also having a very big party here on September 6. There are doctor visits and dentist visits and vet visits for Pixie. There are rooms to clean and gardens to weed, and thanks to my overzealous planning this summer, there are bricks to lay. Good Lord what was I thinking? The house needs to be power washed. It's a damn big house in case you don't know. Of course, the windows will all need to be washed after that. We have a lot of windows. The 5th wheel needs to be winterized and holy shit I am tired thinking about all I need to do!

Did I mention that we both work?? Our last day is September 14. Next week is the big holiday week and we will both probably be working a lot. Again, Good Lord what was I thinking????

My goal for today was to figure out exactly how many plastic crates we can put in the truck bed. You see, everything has to be packed in plastic crates as the truck bed, even under the tonneau cover, isn't water proof. Sounded simple enough to tackle before a long day at work. So, after coffee and before work, I leapt up into the back of the truck with crates and a tape measure. Damn and blast, the Reese hitch is in there. I can't figure out how many crates will fit in there with that monstrosity in place. Den is at work so I think I'll just move it myself. Did I mention it weighs about 150 pounds? That f'er is heavy! I tore a chunk out of my knuckle and turned the rest of the finger black and blue. I got the cotter pins out and could not for the life of me heft that puppy out of the truck. Thankfully my son was home and he helped me get it to the front porch. I went back to the truck to measure for crates now. I took a running leap at the truck and missed by about 3 inches. Olympic athlete I am not! Crashed my shin into the bumper and fell backwards onto the driveway. Now my shin is black and blue and bleeding I might add, also my ass hurts as I fell onto the cement. I lay there and looked around and hoped nobody saw my fall. Luck was with me and I seemed to be alone. I got up, recalculated, and actually made it into the truck bed this time. I put one crate down and turned around to reach for my tape measure. When I turned back I forgot I'd put the crate there and tripped over it and went crashing to the floor of the truck bed skinning my other knee. I sat there for a minute. I collected up my crates and my tape measure. I climbed carefully out of the truck bed. Shut it up, rolled back the tonneau cover and locked it.

Fuck it all. We'll buy what we need when we get to Florida.

God please help me with whatever task I try to tackle tomorrow. Amen.


Daphne said...

Oh, that sounds like a lot of work! Isn't it strange that when we fall over, instead of thinking "am I injured?" we think "oh, how embarrassing! Did anyone see?"!! I hope you're okay and not too bruised.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope your all better from the falling. That's what I say: Buy it when you get to Florida. The heck with packing.

CLS said...

Yep I know just what ya' mean - Mary and I are doing the same thing - can't forget the golf clubs, need my tools, how many Rubbermais bins will fit into that bay on the motor home - gotta' get it figured out - we're pulling out in three weeks !!! Last year we had a cargo trailer - this year a Mazda Miata trunk - lots LESS space !! One way or the other we'll see you in Florida in October (hope all the bruises heal)

Rosanna said...

I am sorry, wait no I am not. I had a good laugh at your expense this morning!!!!!!!!! And sounds like something I would do myself and have done.. Acuatlly I fractured a rib.. but I sure damn hell made sure no one saw me fall but Rob and Shane when I did it moving into my place, then I let him take me to ER.