Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In the still of the night

I wake up in the middle of the night. The bed is comfy. I'm not too hot or too cold. I just can't go back to sleep. I lay there awake as things run through my mind. Sometimes I'll just lay there, but sometimes the things that run through my mind just won't stop until I get up and do something. Tonight was one of those nights.

I got up and unloaded some of the dish drainer and sorted through the piles of papers on the table. I paid a few bills. My heart wasn't into it so I decided just to come online and play until I get tired and can go back to bed.

My Dad, as he got older, used to tell me that he didn't sleep well at night as he just couldn't calm his mind down. I understand now what he meant. I'm not laying there worrying about things, I'm just thinking. My mind flits from one thing to another with no order at all. For example, laying there tonight, this is part of the path my brain was going down.

We leave for Florida exactly one month from today. Wow, I've not unpacked one bag still from when we got home in May. Hmmmm OK so today I vow to unpack that bag so I can start packing again. Maybe I should get up and start that now.

I took pictures of hummingbirds today, I wonder if they turned out? Maybe I should get up and download the pictures and see.

We're having a huge party in September. I'm so excited about it I can barely stand myself. Joshua (my youngest son) is flying in from Miami for the shindig and I just found out my brother Dan from Reno is flying home for it. My best girlfriend in all the world is coming along with about 50 other people so far. It's to be a Jimmy buffet. We'll play Jimmy Buffett music and have cheeseburgers in paradise and drink margarita's and revel in each others company. Hmmmm OK so today I vow to tweak up the menu and make a list of every single thing I'll need to get to prepare for the party. Maybe I should get up and start that right now. I wonder if anyone sells paper parrots?

Did I sanitize the table at work before I left?

I've got a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I've got a list of everything I want to talk to him about. I hope I don't forget anything. Maybe I should get up and look at the list.

I'd like to bake zucchini bread today and take a loaf into work. Maybe I should get up and do that now. Sometimes a zucchini looks like a penis.

Does Den need an allergy shot? I give him his shots...seems a long time since I've stabbed him. Maybe I should get up and check the date of the last shot. I wonder if I'll need to order more serum before we leave for FL. Maybe I should get up and check the vial.

I like toast. I just can't get the graffiti from Daphne's blog out of my mind. I have chuckled about this for days. Bed is jiggling as I'm giggling again. I mean really. You've got a pen, you've got a sign and you can say anything on it so the world knows what you're thinking. What's on your mind, what's important to you. You step up to the sign and you write 'I like toast'. It's priceless. Maybe I should get up right now and go read Daph's blog again. Shit, I love toast, maybe I should get up and have a slice.

My friend is upset as his neighbor has passed away. Maybe I should get up out of bed right now and send him an email. Let him know that I've been thinking of him since he got the news.

Did Pixie fart? I smell a fart.

Den and I have Sunday off together and I asked Jason, my second son, if they were busy as we could pop in for a visit. OK, so they live 3 hours away and it's a major outing and not a pop in. Maybe I should get up right now and email Jason and remind him that he's supposed to be asking his wife if they're busy on Sunday so I can plan what we're doing that day now.

We've got 3 bee nests that I need to kill. It needs to be done at night when they're sleeping and I keep forgetting. Maybe I should get up right now and do that.

Caffeine keeps me awake. Maybe I shouldn't have drank 2 diet pepsi's after work and had a chocolate malt.

I'm going to be 50 in October. Sounds old. I don't feel old. Groovy. No angst about hitting the half century mark. I don't mind getting older at all. I love my birthday. Maybe I'll go skydiving on my 50th birthday and then get a new tattoo. Maybe I should get up and start looking at pictures of pixie's as that's what I'd like the new tattoo to be of.

My freezer is full. I wonder if we'll be able to use all the food up before we leave for FL. Maybe I should get up and take inventory.

The new jeans I bought are still in the truck. Maybe I should run out and get them right now while I'm thinking of it.

OK, Pixie definitely farted.

I wonder how Joann's family is doing. She fell off her husband's shoulders several years ago and hit her head on the garage floor and died. She was healthy, she exercised, she ate right, she took care of herself. She was having fun, laughing with her husband, she fell and then she was dead. Life is short. I'm so glad I've lived it to it's fullest. I say a prayer for her family now.

Shoot I forgot to invite the neighbors to the party. Maybe I should get up and set an invitation out to remind me to do that tomorrow.

And the list goes on. Sometimes I just drift back off to sleep after all this...sometimes I just really do have to get up and do something.

I vow, no more caffeine after 3PM for me anymore. I'll get up right now and write that down so I don't forget.


Daphne said...

Oh yes, these kinds of "I must do this" thoughts are very familiar to me too. Sometimes I get up and do them, sometimes I lie there and worry about them. Number of times Stephen has lain awake in the middle of the night since I met him? None! I put this down to his calm and blissful life with me. Is that the sound of Silverback laughing that I hear?

Carlos said...

i love zucchini bread and jimmy boofay!

Katherine said...

I do this too! Except my list would run to 100 items.
In summer I get up and do them, in winter it's too cold! Sometimes I finally get back to sleep at 5am, and then get a phone call at 6.30am asking me to relief teach that day in a class of ratbags...GROAN.

Anonymous said...

This blog is priceless. Sounds like you wore yourself out just making the list. I'm still laughing and laughing right out loud. Your priceless...

Anonymous said...

Party plans...paper parrots galore! Try Oriental Trading dot com.