Friday, August 1, 2008

It's all in the name

We were driving home from our camping trip a few weeks ago and looking for a place to have lunch. We were driving this, so as you can see, our choices might be a bit limited by the parking lot. I'm in the picture for scale, but PLEASE keep in mind I weighed 50 pounds more then than I do now so the scale is much more impressive than it looks!

We never did find a place to stop, but the name of one of the restaurants got me thinking. We passed the 'Country Critter'. Now, that conjures up in my mind at least, a picture of roadkill. I really didn't think it an appetizing place at all, and even had there been ample parking, we'd have given it a pass. We got talking about other interesting named restaurants and places we've seen or been to.

Again, on the same camping trip, we were out driving one night and I saw an ice cream place called the 'Whippy Dip'. Ohhhh how I wanted to go there. I mean I just loved saying whippy dip. In fact, I said it over and over and it just rolled from my tongue. Whippydipwhippydipwhippydip. How fun is that??? We didn't stop though. As stated in the opening paragraph, I'm 50 pounds less than I was in that picture you saw and I'd like to take a bit more off.

Another ice cream place in Michigan, Grand Ledge, MI to be exact, is called the 'Lickity Split'. I just refuse to go there. I don't like saying the name and I'm embarrassed driving by it. It's the town my husband grew up in and we visit often. Still won't go there! Yes, it's all in the name for sure.

Not ice cream, but still in Michigan, remember I told you a few weeks ago what a cool state I lived in? We have 'Joe's Gizzard City'. Now who wouldn't want to go to Joe's and eat gizzards? I know I can't wait to visit there. I do love a well prepared gizzard and I'd have to assume they do them to gizzard perfection there!

On the way home from above said camping trip we also passed the 'Midget Market'. Now those of you that know me well, know my husband has a midget fetish. I thought he'd make me stop thinking it was a store selling midgets, or at the very least, catering to them therefore a perfect sighting spot! He wants to toss a midget and I'm not sure they'd allow that at the Midget Market. No, that's not a euphemism for any sexual thing. My husband, God love him, wants to go to a bar (yes, there really is one in the UP of Michigan...told you we have it all here) where midgets are adorned in Velcro suits with little handles on their little backs. You pick them up by the handles and toss them against a Velcro wall. They stick, hopefully, and I guess that's a draw for some people. I know the best gift anyone in the whole world could give Den would be the opportunity to toss a midget.

We went to Alaska a few years ago. If I were like my fellow blogger Daphne, I'd have had a little camera with me and thought to take pictures of the restaurants we saw there. Oh heck, I had my camera, I just never thought to take pictures! Anyway, we had left Neanna after doing some bodacious white water rafting (I have a picture of that!) and were on the way to Fairbanks when we passed 'Skinny Dick's half way inn'. Ohhhhh now THERE I wanted to stop for sure but the tour bus we were on just flew past. Hrumph, I fancied a sausage! We did eat at the 'Souper Bowl' in Anchorage though. It was super, thank you for asking.

It's all in the name. Have you been to a place with an unusual name? I'd sure love you to share it with me if you have!


Carlos said...

I used to go to a wing joint in college called Pluck U.

Anonymous said...

Guess I'd never thought of it as peculiar before, however, we have a nice little restaurant "Cock-A-Doodle Cafe". How's that for a name. Elkhart