Thursday, October 30, 2008

God grant me serenity


It's been cool here for the last few days. Today the sun in all it's warming glory worked a bit harder. It is just gorgeous. Not a cloud, no humidity, still cool, but sunny and lovely.

I love to go for my daily golf cart ride and with it being so cold here, I've missed for a few days. Today as Ian was driving me around (you know I'm a princess and I must be chauffeured), I was just at peace with the world. We headed down the cart path near the canal and I spotted a gator swimming in the water. We stopped to watch him effortlessly glide, barely making a ripple. As I watched him I realized that's exactly how I like my life to be. I no longer need a frenetic pace to make my life complete. I like a day with nothing planned. A day where reading a book is the most strenuous thing on my agenda. A day, where, if a friend stops by and says 'let's go here', I can say 'sure, I've nothing planned'. A day, where like the gator, I can just travel at my own speed, in my own direction.

I love it so much here in Florida in my lovely little park. The sun warms me, the breeze cools me, the friends cheer me from the inside. Life is good. Life is serene.

I'm off to the library now.....maybe.

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Katherine said...

Well, I'll give you some time off. But first you have something to do ... I've just tagged you Debby :-)