Monday, October 6, 2008

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As some of you know, when we got to Florida this year, our gutters were clogged full of gunk and that had caused water damage to our lanai. A big culprit is this big cedar tree. It's branches hang over the roof and it sheds nasty, black, icky stuff that fills the gutters to the top. It drops things on the ground too and it's dirty and icky. I thought it might be nice to chop the tree down and lay some concrete. Yes, you've caught me. I'm definitely not a tree hugging hippy! In order to do any improvements to our site, we need permission from the office. In the past, that has been nearly impossible. We've got new management now so I thought I'd give it a try. They really don't allow many trees to be cut down in here, so I wasn't hopeful. One day after turning in my request form, it was returned to me approved! Wooohooo! This is how Mr. Cedar looked at the beginning. Onwards and downwards!!!

The tree service brought in their equipment. It looks rather like a lunar vehicle I thought.

This is Stubby. OK, so that probably wasn't his name. It is, however, what we called him the whole 6 hours he was here. He might have been small, but man could he work! Here he is firing up the small chainsaw for the first cut.

He handed it off to Mr. Goodlooking, who also happened to be the boss and owner of the company. Guess that allowed him honors of the first cut. You can see the branch just about to hit the ground here.

Here is Mr. Cedar after several branches have been shorn. By now, I think Mr. Goodlooking had given up the task and passed the baton, well, the chainsaw, over to Stubby.

After the branches hit the ground, they were lugged over to the chipper. It was hungry and made short work of disposing of them.

Here is Mr. Cedar looking more naked than before. Love it! I was sitting on the golf cart across the street watching all this. It was 90+ degrees, and as you can see, full sun. It was HOT HOT HOT! I do not know how Stubby kept up. Mr. Goodlooking said he was like the Energizer Bunny...kept going and going. Mr. Goodlooking called him Tank. I liked Stubby better, so Stubby he shall remain.

A much needed water break!

All the branches are off now and just the trunk is left. Mr. Goodlooking is notching the base so they can pull the trunk down.

Here Stubby takes hold of the rope and lays into it.

Even Mr. Cedar is no match for Stubby!

I thought the cut edges just beautiful.

This is what they'd slice off and make cedar clocks from. Not only was it pretty, it smelled gorgeous now. All that fresh cut cedar!

Mr. Goodlooking got to use the brand new stump grinder.

A closer look.

Stubby gets a much deserved sit down!!!

Here, almost all trace of Mr. Cedar is going, going, gone.

Time to unload the front end loader.

Coming over to pick up the trunk.

Dropping it into the dump truck.

Coming back for more.

This is the last chunk to go.

Another supervisor!

Loading up the front end loader for the trip home.

Voila! The finished product!

It was so hot watching them we grabbed 2 beers and headed off to the pool as soon as they left!

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Silverback said...

Damn but I miss that good 'ol tree.

It was a part of me. I used to hide in it's branches when growing up and once Lassie saved me when I got stuck up there.

Ahhhhhh memories.