Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pondering life

In case you don't know, I'll be 50 on Monday.

I love my birthday more than any other day of the year. I suspect it's because it's all about me. Oh you don't have to tell me, I know I'm self centered, and quite egocentric. Aparantly quite redundant also. I love any occasion that makes me the queen. I'm not shy and never afraid to be the center of attention. What better time than my birthday? I don't have to share that with anyone.

I have 3 sons. Two of them are married and the third in a relationship. I told them all when they started dating that I understood holiday commitments. I know that they'll want to be at 'her' parents house at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's day. You name it, they'll want to be at 'her' parents house. I could give a rats ass about that. Those days are meant to be shared. Ahhh, but my birthday I do not have to share. It's my day to be adored. It's my day to be lavished with fabulous gifts and clever cards. It's my day to receive the attention from my family and friends that I deserve. Yes, it's all about me.

I was laying in bed this morning thinking of the angst most people go through when hitting the major milestones in the progress between birth and death. I'll be 50, half a century. More than half my life is over. Nope, no angst. I'm not sure why as it sure seems to bother most people. I didn't mind turning 30, or 40 either. Maybe 60 will bother me...doubt it though. So, what profound cerebration was running through my gray matter?

* I wonder if I'll get any presents?
* I wonder if I'll be taken out for a lavish dinner somewhere?
* I wonder if someone will bring me breakfast in bed?
* I really want some of the raspberry cheesecake from Olive Garden on my birthday but I don't want to have dinner there.
* I get to use the mug my friend Virginia gave me before I left Houghton Lake. I've saved it as it says 'How the &%!! did I get to be 50??' on it. I couldn't use it before Monday as it just wouldn't be right. I shall take it to coffee hour Monday morning wearing the blinking pin she gave me that also proclaims my age. How fun!

I'm so excited for Monday to get here I can barely stand myself. I'm sure you're thinking that the people around me probably can't stand myself either. You may be right. I don't care though. My birthday only comes one day a year and I just love it!

I wonder if I should wear my tiara out in public on Monday or just around the house?


Luanne said...

Oh by all means wear the tiara all day. You only get to be 50 once. Make the most of it.

So, my godson is in a relationship huh? He's on my daily prayer list so I keep wondering whether he'll stick by his statement to remain the proverbial bachelor.

BTW I love Olive Garden as long as I'm in Michigan, but when I get to Florida it pales in comparison to some of those other Italian restaurants. You're making my mouth water for some cheesecake.

Katherine said...

Indulge! And a very Happy Birthday for Monday! I love my birthdays too!

Carlos said...

Happy birthday!

Luanne said...

Just wondering if you are getting too old to update your blog.

Actually, I suspect the real reason is you haven't quit partying yet.