Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No, I'm not dead

I know a lot of you have been wondering that.

Dennis, as some of you know, works as a security guard at 2 of our local hospitals here in FL. Now to see him, if you don't know him, can be rather intimidating. He's 6'2, and though he's dieting now, he's still well over 3 bills in weight. He lumbers when he walks due to flat feet, and well, he just can look rather scary. He's not. He's a teddy bear. That's neither here nor there, and has nothing to do with what I want to share, but as I'm 50 now, I'm allowed to ramble.

He came home from work last night and said he'd had a man in that reminded him of my father. If you knew my Daddy, you'd be all ears at this point. First of all he said the man kept saying, 'Jesus Christ', not in the context of praying of course. When my Dad said this, as he did at least 20 times a day, I'd say 'holy smokes' and that was his cue that he'd blasphemed around several of my daycare kiddies and should be saying holy smokes instead. Again, neither here nor there, just the first thing that reminded Den of Daddy.

The man became confused and agitated so they had to tie him down. He'd been messing with his catheter, as my Dad did often also. He just wouldn't leave it alone. The nurse chastised him, told him to leave it alone. He looked at her and said 'well it's my pecker!'.

I just don't know how you argue with that logic. I guess with arm and leg straps.


Daphne said...

I didn't think you were dead - - but I'm glad you've written another post!

Katherine said...

Coincidences can be really strange. A real tug-at-the -heartstrings post...
I once thought I saw my Mum in the village, six months after she'd passed away.