Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mastering the situation

It's Wednesday.

That means it's Grammy's day to take care of Mason. For those of you that don't know, Mason is my 15 month old, adorable if I might add, grandson. Now, those of you that have 15 month old children, or have ever known one, know they can think they rule the roost. You just have to remain calm, remain in charge, and let them know who's boss.

I had a daycare for about 15 years. I loved it right up until I hated it. The day I woke up and hated it, I quit. I would never, ever, ever take care of a child that I couldn't think of as my own. Love him, treat him with respect and have fun too. If I couldn't look at a child and feel that warmth of love and kindness flow through me, I didn't care for him or her. It wouldn't have been fair to the child, or to me. I loved every single one of my day care kids and raised them just as my own. Taking care of your grandchild is a whole different ball game.

I look forward to Wednesdays for sure. Brian went in to get ready for work about noon today so right then, it became Grammy in charge time. Of course, Mason doesn't like it when his loved ones leave the room, so he screams. Cries real tears even. Looks over at me, and I honest to God just can't help myself, I laugh at him. He looks so pathetic. OK, that pissed him off! He screamed some more...he'd scream a bit, look at me, scream some more. I've learned that if I go get him, he'll just have a hissy fit. So, I just let him scream a bit and then he'll come over to me and things are groovy in his little world again. All this really only takes about 2 minutes...if I can quit laughing at him that is! I'm remaining calm, and in charge for sure.

I fixed him a grilled cheese sandwich and some peas and carrots for lunch. I put 3 pieces of sandwich and 5 peas and 5 carrots on his tray. He perused the cuisine, chose a pea, and began to dine. He ate all that and I repeated the process until all his sandwich and peas and carrots were gone. He tries to feed me peas....gag me. I then gave him a few animal crackers. Did he try to feed me one of those? Hell no! Selfish little bugger! Still in charge I am.

He started to get droopy eyes in the high cute. Brian needed to leave for work at this point so of course that broke Mason's heart. Big crocodile tears and everything. I took him over to the rocking chair with his milk as he was just so tired. He wailed for about a minute and a half after Brian left...then calmed right down. We snuggled and rocked like this for about 4 minutes. I could just feel the love flowing from me through him. Such an awesome feeling. I turned him around so I could see him and snuggled him that way. So soft and sweet and innocent. Eyes would flutter almost closed and then open and look at me. I'd give him little kisses now and then. I reached down and caressed his very soft cheek. He smiled. My heart melted. He made kissy sounds with his lips so I'd give him another kiss. My heart just filled with love and joy. I could have rocked him like that for hours. I got up to put him to bed. Carried him upstairs and laid him in the crib and covered him with his soft blankie and he grinned. Oh how precious. I stroked his cheek and his eyes fluttered. He gave a contented sigh and I left him to his dreams.

Yes, we were both calm.

I'm not sure which one of us is actually in charge.

I don't think it really matters anymore.


Silverback said...

Can't beat years of experience and it's great you are there to pass it on when needed.

Sure makes for a happy and easier time for everyone when babies know who the boss is and boundaries are set for them.

Hollywood should award you a Grammy for sure !

Daphne said...

I think that a baby WANTS to know who the boss is: they feel safe that way - - and the boss should be whichever kind, caring grown-up is currently looking after them. Great post - - and I love your phrase "I loved it right up until I hated it".