Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life lessons

I've learned lots from my Dad my whole life. He really was a font of knowledge even though he never finished school.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of him or quote him. Just the other day we went to a Mexican restaurant and Den said he thought he'd have a 'fajeetie'. That would be fajita in Dad speak. I asked if he was going to have some japaleenies on it, another Dad speak.

How is Daddy helping me lately? Well, I've hurt my achilles tendon. I need to try not to strain it. Our living room is in the basement down a steep flight of stairs. My laptop is down there too so I'm up an down a ton of times during the day. Dad had knee surgery a few times and I helped him recuperate. He had to learn how to do stairs. So, now every time I go down or up the stairs, I keep saying to myself, down with the good, up with the bad. I can just hear Dad saying that over and over. He'd pause before taking a step up or down, say that to himself so he'd know which foot to use. Going down the stairs, put your good food down first. Going up the stairs, put your bad foot up first.

Thanks Dad.


Katherine said...

Ouch. Take care and heal quick!
For me. it's my Mum I hear in my head...

Luanne said...

Sorry to hear your heel is giving you trouble. Wont be long before its warm enough to do some PT in the lake.

I can still remember the sound of his voice. He had a voice at the loss for better words loud and booming that made his presence known, but at the same time it had a warm and friendly lilt to it. I miss him too.