Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where did they go?

As you know if you've read my blog before, I live in a very active 55+ community. When we got here in September, we were the first to arrive on our street. It was kind of eerie in it's quietness. During the next month or so, the park began to fill up. At peak season it's fairly bursting at the seams with people. Golf carts whizzing here and there. Tons of people at every activity. People, people everywhere!!!

April 1 begins the migration back north for a lot of our residents. We live at the west end of our street and our friends Mary & Clair live at the east end. We're the last people on Hammerhead Dr. this year. Here you see us both at our opposite ends. Sentinels of the street. This is Mary K. & Clair guarding their end! You will definitely need to click on these pictures to make them bigger!

This is Den and I holding watch at our end.

We have 4 sand hill cranes that live in the park. They usually stay over near the canal. Since all the people have left, they're checking things out up close. They were right in front of our house here.

"Holy crap Louise, where the hell did all those humans go???"

We joke at home in Houghton Lake that after Labor Day you could pitch a tent out on M-55. Here in Buttonwood Bay you can put your patio chair in the middle of the road. Just what I did! Right after I laid our grill grates in the road to clean them. Gotta love being one of the last people here!

We'll be pulling out on Monday leaving poor Mary & Clair to hold the fort down all by themselves.

Farewell Buttonwood Bay. We will see you again in September.


Daphne said...

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip back. And I love that one of the Sandhill cranes was called Louise - - did you happen to overhear what the other three were called?

Luanne said...

Bring the sunshine and warmth with you please.
Have a safe trip home.

Katherine said...

Ah, that was a marvelous end to blog-watching you at Buttonwood Bay! Thank you!