Thursday, May 14, 2009

The importance of punctuation

and capitalization.

So, things are still hairy here. I'm not unpacked, I'm not settled. I've gained a ton of weight and haven't been to the gym in over 2 weeks.

I decided yesterday to take time to play online. So the unpacking will wait a bit longer. Wanted some me time. I have 68 unread emails still. I was cleaning out my junk email and I noticed there was something that said someone had commented on my Facebook. It was someone I don't know and it looked like spam. I thought I'd better check it out. Went to my Facebook page and began to read comments and stuff. That's when I got to one my dear husband made.

OK, let me lay the ground work here. My son Joshua is an idiot. He calls his father Dick. He'll call and say 'Let me talk to Dick'. He got hold of Den's cell phone and now when Den turns it on, it says 'Dick'. Laugh every time we see that. Did I mention Den's real name is Richard and Joshua isn't calling his father A dick, he's calling him Dick. I love him dearly, but sometimes I'm not sure from whose loins he sprang. So Joshua made some disgusting comments about Susan Pelosi's balls on his own Facebook page. Ya, don't ask. A few days previous to that, he'd commented on the 5 people he'd like to punch in the face. Billy Mayes was one of them.

With me so far?

Den can't stand Billy Mayes. Every time he comes on TV to tout one of his products, he just yells. So Den yells back. It's quite funny actually. You just know when you see Billy's face on TV, you'll hear Den beller 'BILLY MAYES HERE!' He never fails.

Still with me?

Den is pretty much computer illiterate. He's getting better, but not by leaps and bounds.

He's got Facebook and he doesn't really know how to use it. He likes to read the comments that people write. So, of course he read Joshua's comment about Billy Mayes. Now, Den wanted to comment back to Joshua, but he really doesn't know how. Does he ask? Of course not. He found a box and typed in it. Oh, did I mention he can't type either? He doesn't know how to use punctuation, and he doesn't know how to make capital letters. He typed in his status box. You know the one that says what you're thinking at the moment? The one that if people have the 'email me when people type things in their status box I'll get it' box? Ya, that one.

So, now on my husband's status it says:

josh I like billy mayes dick

What difference one comma, one period, and a capital D would have made eh???

Yep, I'm so proud.


Silverback said...

I still prefer to think of you lot as a severely disfunctional family and as time goes by, nothing alters my opinion !

Rosanna said...

I just laughed bloody out loud here at work reading this.....

Debby said...

Rosanna. Yes, I was laughing so hard when I went to tell him what he did I couldn't get the words out!

Ian, we definitely ARE A dysfunctional family. After all these years, I'm afraid you're part of it!

Katherine said...

ha ha ha still chortling thanks for the larff deb.