Monday, June 1, 2009

Still pondering

Just because I don't post a blog here as often, doesn't mean I'm not still pondering. Oh, my little gerbil is running around on his wheel for sure!

Thoughts for today.

When the girl got out of her car at the gym/tanning salon and coyly checked out her reflection in the window, did she NOT know we on the elliptical machines could see her? I'm guessing Carly really wrote the song for her.

Why do I need to pee AFTER I get all the way to the basement, settle myself in my chair and cover up with my blanket?

Why do assholes insist on driving in the passing lane even if they're not A. passing, or B. turning left? It makes it almost impossible to make a left hand turn out of a business. Selfish bastards.

There were more.

Some not fit to print.

I think I need to have a cuppa and chill!


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