Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fluffy duckies

I was at the gym today rocking the elliptical. All the cardio machines face the big picture windows that face the road. I was moving as fast as my fat little legs would go and gazing out the window when I saw the duckies.

There was a mama duck and 10 babies. The gym is on a very busy 4 lane road. Mama was attempting to gather her brood together and I just knew she was going to try to cross the road as the lake is on the other side. I looked back and called to Den to come see as he was in between sets. The whole gym came forward and we all watched. I wasn't going to get off the elliptical as I was going strong and still had 10 minutes left. I was so hoping someone that was standing in there watching would run out and stop traffic. They'd have had to do it barefoot though as you couldn't wear your gym shoes outside. We were all barely breathing and watching...she'd gather them and charge for the road then a car would whiz past and she'd back up a bit. She must've made at least 5 tries when the angel stopped. A girl that had left the tanning salon next door threw her car in park and got out. She walked right out into the middle of the first 2 lanes of traffic with her arms up in the air. The universal symbol for 'STOP! DUCKIES!' you know? After they cleared the first of those 2 lanes she moved into the opposing 2 lanes of oncoming traffic and stopped them too. Mama and all 10 babies crossed safely and a cheer erupted from the gym. There was much clapping and happiness.

The angel got back in her car and drove away. I finished my 10 minutes on the elliptical. Mama and babies lived another day!




Daphne said...

Hurrah indeed! I hope they'd left the nest for good and she never has to take them back again! When I visited the Farne Islands in the North-East I learned that the Eider ducks have their babies on the islands and then mother and babies swim the 3 miles across the sea to the mainland - - amazing for such tiny little ducklings.

Katherine said...

Awwww, lovely story. And good on you for gymming!

Milo said...

Enjoyed the story but jealous that you're still gym'ing it! After 2+ years of going regularly, I'm no longer going. Long story, was on a buy one get one free membership with an old colleague and she finally wanted to cancel so we both did. I just haven't got myself sorted out with another one yet. Then I hurt my leg running (you may recall).

I did buy some new (and quite expensive but v.good) running shoes earlier this week so I'm planning to go on a short run tomorrow.