Saturday, June 28, 2008

My State

I thought I'd blog about my state today as it's kind of interesting. This all started the other day when I was sitting on the toilet perusing a Reader's Digest. I read about something being invented in MI. I can't remember what it was now of course to share it with you. I live in Michigan for those of you that didn't know, or haven't figured it out by now. It's made up of 2 peninsulas. The upper peninsula or 'Da UP' is anyting north of the Mackinac Bridge. I live in the lower part, making me a troll.

We've got Hell and Paradise in MI. You can go from one to another in a day and see which you like best!

There was an old guy in my town...yes my very own town, named Tommy Durden. Now when I knew Tommy (he's pretty dead now I think), he would sit in one of the local bars and drink himself silly. He'd then get people to buy him beers if he would belly flop across the bar's wood floor. I'm sure he got splinters in his belly, but he also got free beer which was his goal in life. This isn't the interesting thing about Tommy though. I'm sure you've all heard of Elvis Presley and maybe even one of his hit songs 'Heartbreak Hotel'. Well, Tommy Durden wrote (co-wrote if you read Wikipedia) that song. Yep, my own Michigan hometown, drunk out of his mind, belly floppin Tommy.

I don't want to overstimulate you so this is enough for now. I'll share more neat stuff another day. Besides, the best thing about Michigan is the weather. Right now the sky is a gorgeous blue with just a few puffy white clouds scattered around, and the rocking chair on my front porch is calling me.


Rosanna said...

Glad you shared where you came up with this idea to share these tidbits of information. I thought only men did there best thinking in that location.

Debby said...

Hey..shit happens!!!

Carlos said...

I drove around lake michigan one winter and stopped over in the UP. Manistique was the name of the town. $20 bucks bought a steak dinner and enough beer to make me attractive to the was a great night.

CLS said...

Ah MICHIGAN - the state that, when asked where you live - you raise a hand and point to it !!!

Roads that rival the worst in the US and the place that makes the cars - now that is an oxymoron...or is that the governor??

BUT there are some great women in and from Michigan !!! I have had mine for over 40 years !!! Uh Oh - I am sure I'llpay for that !!! :)

Daphne said...

I love to hear about places I haven't been to (and there are a lot of them!) - really interesting, and more, please!