Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buddha bellies bonding

Hi everyone, my Grandma Debby is going to tell you my story today as I haven't learned how to type yet. Sorry about the drool on my shirt, but it's hard work dictating.

This is my Grandpa Dennis. Me and him hang out every single day. He's a cool guy 'cuz he talks to me like I have a mind. He tells me what he's done for the day and he even listens to my answers like what I have to say is the most important thing in the world. We've got a lot in common my Grandpa and me. We've got Buddha bellies. My Daddy likes to blow raspberries on mine. Nobody seems to do that to Grandpa's. I wonder why? Anyway, my Grandpa's Buddha belly makes a great armrest for me while I'm telling my story!

Sometimes we watch the food channel together. That's what we're doing here. My Grandpa is a chef. My Daddy is too. My Mommy can cook like a dream, and Grandma's grub isn't too shabby either. Guess we know where Grandpa's Buddha belly came from!

My Buddha belly here comes only from formula. So far, no gourmet food for me!

Gosh I love my Grandpa. I don't know if it's his shiny bald head or what, but this man just fascinates me! We talk every day like I said, and right now he's telling me that he mowed the lawn today and that I can help him next year! I just can't wait to ride on his big lawnmower with him!

We laugh a lot together too. I like to laugh. My Grandpa likes to laugh. Grandma says we're so cute when we play together.

I wore myself out here and I need a nap. So does Grandpa. We'll talk more later.


Silverback said...

Awww you tell a good story for one so young.

Just don't let Grandpa whistle !

Carlos said...

too cute!

aquanyin said...

Your so smart, already buttering up the grandparents to make sure you get that gourmet food sooner than later...

Marcelle said...

Oh my god, I want to cry, this is so so good and so true when you read and watch the photo's - the love they have is amazing!!!!!!!!