Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The colors of my world

I love my winter home. I've had several people ask me why I adore Buttonwood Bay so much. Just a few weeks ago someone was looking at the place next to ours that was for sale. "What do you do with all these old people?" she asked. I pondered just a moment. I asked if she knew what I was doing just before I came out to talk to her. "No", she replied. "I was trying to nap in my chair as these old people will run your ass ragged!" I told her. "What EXACTLY do you do?" she again queried. "Well, I play cards 4 nights and 1 afternoon a week. I play Mah Jongg Wednesday & Friday afternoon. I go to coffee hour Monday morning. I go to floor exercises M-F. There's bocce, bowling, biking, shuffleboard, and golf. There are book clubs, computer clubs, and a theater group. We have tai chi, water aerobics, and a gym. We've got 2 gorgeous swimming pools that I love to be in and around. We go to pool parties and dances and community dinners. I've got wonderful, excellent, awesome friends here. I love driving past a friends house and having them yell out the window and stopping for an impromptu visit. It's fun to pop over for a glass of wine and a game of dominoes in the evening. The camaraderie, the weather, the activities. It's a whole package for me here and I love every single bit.

My absolute, positive, very favorite part of each day is my golf cart ride. Either Ian or Den will chauffeur me around the park and onto our nature trail and then onto our cart path that runs next to the canal. We go up and down the streets with the sun on my face and the breeze in my hair. I haven't a care in the world. We chat sometimes. Sometimes the only sound we hear is the sound of nature. It's peaceful. It recharges me for the multitude of activities to come. I love all the colors and scents of my world. Nothing is as calming as a palm tree swaying in the breeze against an azure sky dotted with a few puffy white clouds.
Welcome to my world.


Luanne said...

What wonderful pictures. I can almost smell the flowers.


Carlos said...

OMG! Where do I sign up?

Silverback said...

Wow...wish I was there.

Oh hang on, I am !!

Smashing photos.

Rosanna said...

Ahhhhh, This let's me leave the winter hell if even just for a few minutes. Beautiful colors Miss Pixie I can just feel the sun and breeze... oh wait that was the snow and biting wind... oh well back to reality.

It was nice while it lasted.

Milo said...

Enjoyed the photos. Can't imagine all that colour at this time of year!