Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life gets in the way

I noticed I'd not blogged here in quite a while. I'm still pondering of course, it's just that what's important in my life right now is getting blogged about on my other blog. Got all that?

I was pondering in bed this morning about stuff. I lay there and thousands of things flit in and out of my mind. It can be a dangerous place.

I was thinking about the first people to eat an egg. I pictured them sitting around a chicken when all of a sudden this round thing pops out of it's hind quarters. Org says to Orgette, 'Oh wow! This thing just popped out of that chicken's ass! Let's eat it!"

I'm guessing that's when the first divorce happened.


Milo said...

LOL, it's a funny thought, for sure! And that question always makes us think - which came first, the chicken or the... well, you get the picture!

Katherine said...

Obviously a newly-hatched grandchild is on your mind, Debbie!

Luanne said...

Love that Org and Orgette. Pretty funny stuff. Its amazing what you can come up with when you ponder.