Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My Dad was born in 1918. He'd have been 91 today. Now, at one time he thought he was 100, so I guess in his eyes, he'd still be young! He passed away in 2005. I think my Dad was a very handsome man. He had a bit of a chicken neck thing going on in this picture though. My good friend Ian photo shopped it out for me!

This is the 4 Don's. Donald Ray Ellis Sr., Donald Ray Ellis Jr., Donald Ray Ellis III, & Donald Ray Ellis IV. Awesome how long his name will be carried on.

This is Dad on his birthday in 2001. He'd have 2 'toddies' every evening. Whiskey and diet coke. Had to watch his figure you know! I think he got 3 bottles of whiskey for his birthday this year! I was down in Key West and arranged a little birthday party for him. That's my brother Dan and my cousin Paul you see in the picture. There were about 10 others there too.

My sons were back home in MI and they called Grandpa and sang Happy Birthday to him. Here he is on the phone with them during the party.

My Dad had a few loves in life. He loved his nightly toddy. He loved pizza. He loved lemon meringue pie. I made him a lemon meringue pie every year on his birthday forever. Since Daddy died I've gone out every March 27th and had a piece of lemon meringue pie and thought of him. I'm not doing that this year. This year I'm having pizza and thinking of him. I've been hungry for pizza and I just can't fit both pizza AND lemon meringue pie into my new eating program. Dad would approve. We have an awesome pizza place back home called Buccilli's. In fact, Den and I both worked there last summer and will again this summer. We went there for pretty much every occasion. Birthday's, anniversary's, graduations, award ceremonies, even Brian's wedding rehearsal dinner was there. This last picture is of Daddy and I at Buccilli's. There were other people there of course, but as you can see by the picture, we didn't care.

I've always been a Daddy's girl. I miss him a lot. I think of him with happiness and joy though which is an awesome thing to be able to do. I have no regrets. I took care of Daddy as much as he took care of me. We made a good team.

So, tonight when I eat my pizza I'll be thinking of you Daddy. Happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I had the chance to meet him. I'll never forget the first time I met him he just kept winking at me, and I wasn't sure what to think about But as Brian said, that's just grandpa :)

Katherine said...

Sounds a lovely Dad. And nice that you were able to return the favour, Debbie. ie, look after him too.

Maggie said...

What a great tribute to your dad.

Him and I have something in common. I love pizza, and love, love lemon meringue pie.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Luanne said...

Oh Debby those pictures make me miss him so much. Wish I had a piece of pizza or lemon pie and I would toast him also. Oh wait a glass of wine will do. Happy Birthday Uncle Don, I miss you too!


Daphne said...

Of course this post made me cry because my Dad died quite recently. But it made me cry in a good way, because it's a great post and I have lots of good memories too. When things happen, I think "I must tell Dad". And I do it anyway.

Silverback said...

Was honoured to have met him although he always intimidated me a bit. Loved his family for sure and few others mattered to him but I think he at least 'accepted' me as someone who fell in between !

Lovely tribute post.