Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blue skies make me happy

Ya, so I'm not John Denver. Maybe I can't sing it like he did, but I know what I like!

Today was supposed to be an awful day. Thunderstorms, cold weather, can I have a collective 'Yuck'? Oh, probably not as most of the people that read this are in cold, snowy climes and have NO sympathy for my weather woes!'s a gorgeous day in paradise.

Did it rain? Yep, a little bit. Is it cold? Hell yes, and windy as all get out too. So, what makes it good? The doggone skies are blue and the sun is out! I tell ya that makes all the difference. I just don't even mind a little rain when it's followed by lovely sun.

It's Sunday, a day of rest. I've been to the gym, had a lovely lunch, and have nothing to do until 7PM tonight. I love an uncluttered day! A blank canvas if you will. Oh, whatever will I do? Whatever I damn well please!

Today begins Springfest 2009 here in sunny Buttonwood Bay. It's a whole week of balls to the wall activity. Fun to the max. I chose to skip the strawberry social this afternoon as I've just been doing too good on my Weight Watchers. I could have had it, but I liked the treat I planned instead better. Tonight is a gospel concert. I've gone every year and I've never been disappointed. It's a different group each year and I can't wait to see who comes this year.

It's my only engagement for today.

Retirement is great. I can be as busy or as lazy as I want. That's the key boys and girls, I'm doing what I want.

Life is really good.


Luanne said...

Sorry about the post and your gym time. If the truth be told God is probably saying to me "Rest my foot you need to get up and get that body you've been resting for 60 years moving." So hey, I'm not judging.

But I was wondering what you're eating tonight that is better than a strawberry fest? Maybe I'll have to go to the store and buy it when I'm done resting.

Debby said...

I split a chocolate, chocolate chip Weight Watcher muffin in half and put 1/2 cup of Bryers Free chocolate brownie chunk ice cream on it. Topped that with fat free Reddi Whip and 1 Tablespoon Hershey's syrup. 5 points and it was really great!

Carlos said...

balls to the what now?