Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why Buttonwood Bay?

I winter in a 55+ active adult community. I'm not 55 yet, the vote is still out whether I'm adult or not & I've never been defined as active either. The most accurate word for my lifestyle was probably sedentary. You notice I said was. Why did I choose a community for oldies if I'm not one of them yet? Well, sit down, grab a cuppa, and please do let me tell you!

The most important feature of this park is it's location. It's in Florida. Now I don't know if you're familiar with a Pixie's natural habitat, but they like it sunny and warm. At least this one does!

Contrary to popular belief, pixies like to swim. No, their diaphanous wings do not get water logged. This park has 2, count them 2, swimming pools.

I like to do stuff too. This park has stuff! It has the usual shuffleboard, bocce ball, dominoes, bingo, bunco, and bridge. All things suited for the older person. So what does it have for the less than decrepit? Well, it's got card games galore. Poker, euchre, bid euchre, 313, 500, 99, probably every numbered game ever invented in fact! It's got pinochle, cribbage, the aforementioned bridge, and many, many more. We play for the big bucks here too my friends. The other night, I won second place in the bid euchre game and let me tell you I strutted away with a hefty $4.50!!! I won $6 at bunco Friday night too. Now you know how I supplement our pension!

My park has line dancing, square dancing, ballroom dancing, clogging, and even dancing in the streets! In fact, there's a dance here every Saturday night with some kind of live music. It's got tai chi, floor exercises, water aerobics, and a gym. We've got a drama club, a book club, a computer club, and of course lots of golf clubs!! We've got billiards, darts, horseshoes, and some gorgeous tennis courts. Lots more I can't even remember, but it certainly fulfilled my stuff requirement!!

The most important reason I chose this park was it's inhabitants. This is the biggest group of happy, friendly, outgoing people I've ever seen in one place! Yep, I love Buttonwood Bay!

Well, I'm off to drink my coffee here to give me strength for the day. I've got a big bid euchre tournament today and this really is for the big bucks. I won 2nd place at the last one and it netted me $55! I'm shooting for the $110 first prize this time!


Milo said...

Can I just say I thought that was a very uplifting post and I'm sold - and I'm 32!! Love the sun, love swimming pools, love card games of all types, love dancing and enjoy socialising with other people!! I don't think we have anything like that here in the UK but I may be wrong.

Good luck at the tournament!

Silverback said...

Yes yes yes these activities are all well and good but I like it here because I have my recliner, my tv and t'internet.

Ok so I guess it's just like my life back in the UK but come on, it's FLORIDA !!

Good luck in the tourney - win big so we can have hot food next week.

susanlambert said...

I need to be there. ;-) and ummmm do they have a spot to get frozen drinks with umbrellas?