Friday, January 23, 2009

They'll get you in the end.

They always do.

Today's tirade is about bathroom tissue. I have to buy single ply as that's all our poor, old fashioned, toidy can deal with. I'm waiting for the toilet fairy to bring me a new, high rise, super flush. So far she's passing us by.

So, back to the tissue at hand. I was buying Scott tissue. It's single ply, 1000 sheets a roll. Yes, it feels like sandpaper. It accomplished it's task though. It costs about 60 cents a roll when it's on sale.

I was at Sam's a month or so ago and noticed they had a store brand of single ply, 1000 sheet paper. It came out to be less money per roll. Into the cart it went.

I have since noticed that even though the new tissue may have the required 1000 sheets (I haven't counted), the roll is about 1/2-1 inch narrower than the Scott tissue! Now I need a higher math degree to figure out if I'm getting a better deal with the narrower, cheaper, Sam's paper, or the wider, more expensive Scott tissue!

As I don't enjoy math, I'm going to do my own scientific experiment not using a calculator. I'm going to put a roll of the Sam's paper in the bathroom and see how many days we get out of it. I'm then going to put a roll of Scott tissue in there and do the same. Barring any unusual bathroom incidents, it should do the business.

You may now go back about your regularly scheduled day.


Carlos said...

now that's the kinda science that I can get behind...let me know what happens

Katherine said...

You Are Understood. I do this sort of thing too. I am at present in the middle of an experiement to determine if it is cheaper to turn the hot water cylinder off and on.

susanlambert said...

just no bran muffins during the experiment. ;-)

CLS said...

Well - since y'all are using the single ply down at your end (pun intended) and I believe the sewage system runs eastward (up our way) toward the major sewage elimination area - - it is a good thing you are doing down there. The use og single ply on your end will allow us to utilse the softer two ply on our end. :) Iy youse guys cause a slow flow down there it could have a negative impact on the flow here - definitely NOT a good thing. As for the smaller paper - well that will permit more water flow with less impedance - again a good thing - - - it is so special to have good friends who share ones sewer system......