Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's all relative

It's cold!

That's what you hear across most of the US. Temps in the minus double digits. Freakin brrrrrr for sure. I was talking to my friend the other day and it was -17F. That wasn't wind chill. That was just plain old, ball freezing -17F. I don't EVEN think so! That's why I winter in Florida for sure.

It's cold in Florida folks!! I get no sympathy either. I told a friend that it got down to 39 degrees last night. That was a heat wave, I was informed. Heat wave my ass! It's cold!

Here's my point. I bet you thought there wasn't one. There is. If you're where it does sometimes get -17F, you might not like it, but you're prepared. Your house has heat. Even if it's 'freeze the snot as it comes out of the nostril cold' outside, your house is warm inside. Yes, I'm sure when you go from the house to the car, before that car warms up, it's painful. Your car heats up though.

It's all relative.

I live in Florida. I'm used to temps of 80 or 90. My body thinks that is normal. I don't have heat in my house. Yes, you heard that right. Well, we do have a furnace, we just can't use it. We have a little electric heater. Here's the crux of the cold front in FL problem for me. The heater doesn't go into the bathroom! It would melt the tub. So, when the temps dip to 39 degrees at night outside, they dip below 50 inside. It's OK when I'm snug in my bed with my electric blanket on. That is cozy. I woke up this morning and it was 49.8 degrees in my bedroom. I was snug as a bug in a rug in my bed. When I had to get out from under that blanket and plop my butt cheeks on a below 50 degree toilet seat......well let me just say the sound that emitted from my lips could only be heard by dogs.

Speaking of dogs, Pixie is a pupsicle!

So, it might be cold where you are. I'll give you that. It is cold where I am. You have to give me that.

It's all relative.

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Milo said...

We had that cold spell here and it wasn't much fun. That said, it was bright and wintry and I quite liked it. Often here it's damp and grey in winter, so I'll take bright but very cold any day!

Yeh, when you're not used to the cold and don't have heating, it can't be much fun. Drink lots of hot chocolate! The cold spell will hopefully shift soon.