Friday, September 12, 2008

Queen Debby

Abba sang about a Dancing Queen. She might have been only 17, but she was a queen.

I'm a list queen. Definitely not 17, and not so good at dancing, but list making? Oh I've got it down to a fine science. I'm in high list making mode here with our imminent departure for FL on the horizon. I've got a list of things to take, a list of things to do before we go, and a list of things to do when we get there. Den asked for a haircut last night so he'll look nice for our last day at work today. I added it to the list. We needed to get the truck's oil and fuel filter changed before the journey south. He did that yesterday after we got home from camping. I'd forgotten to put that on the list. I added it, so I could cross it off. Oh come on, if you are a list guru, you know you do that too!

My list includes things like winterize the 5th wheel, renew driver's license and license plate tabs, get absentee ballots so we can vote in November. It's got stuff like show our son how to operate both the lawn mower and the snow blower. Also on the list, change address, get more flea and tick medicine for the dog, buy a modem and router so I can be online in FL, write thank you notes for people that did wonderful things for our party.

Sonny and Cher sang about the beat going on. Here, the list goes on. And on. And on. And on. I wonder if I can pencil extra days to get it all done?

We leave Friday morning for Florida. I better add that to the list or I might forget.

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Katherine said...

I smiled about the 'add an item so you can cross it off' thing... I do that - cos it feels goood! And hey, Bon Voyage!