Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We made it.

Windows are moldy. Water damage on the lanai. Golf cart won't fully charge. Something black and disgusting on the bedroom ceiling. More mold I'm guessing. Still got 2 small crates and 2 big crates to unpack. There's a mountain of clothes on the bed that I must take care of before I sleep tonight. Did I mention when I ran a pot of water through the coffee maker yesterday, there were hundreds of tiny black specks? I thought they were coffee grounds. They were ants. Albeit dead ones as of course they were now boiled ants. Took me 3 pots of water and lots of reaching down inside the works of the machine to get all the corpses out!

Cable got hooked up today.

Internet got hooked up today.

My friend Mary came over for a welcome hug!

I found my pink, feathered, tiara to wear while working. It makes me happy.

Got my dog on my lap. Got a full belly. Life is good.


Katherine said...

I love the picture I have in my mind of you with your pink feathers bobbing, cleaning ants from the coffee machine!

Daphne said...

I once had a twin-tub washing machine and one day after I'd washed all the clothes and taken them out of the machine, I found a very dead mouse in the water. It was really clean though. Just thought I'd share that with you.