Sunday, April 13, 2008


We celebrate all kinds of anniversaries. Today is the third anniversary of my Daddy's death. Most people would look at this day with sadness. I find it difficult to do that. My father lived a full, colorful life. He passed away at home engulfed in the love and caring of his only daughter. His pain was ended and his passing peaceful. Not many people can look back on things with no regrets and only happiness. I can do that and it's a wonderful feeling. We had a very special relationship after my Mother died in 1982. I took care of him, and he let me!

Dad's favorite dessert was lemon meringue pie. His birthday is on March 27th, so each year on that date, I eat lemon meringue pie and think happy thoughts about my paternal unit. A girls gotta do what a girl's gotta do you know. I've had lemon pie on April 13th the past two years also, but alas, I've no pie today! I'll tip a beer in his honor tonight instead.

A few pictures of the patriarch of the Ellis family follow. I love this first one. Either I, or Ian took it at my son Brian's wedding. I know Ian edited it for me. He got rid of Daddy's jowls! He didn't erase the sparkle in his eye though. Daddy was so happy and proud that day.

This is a picture of my two brothers and I and Daddy. God we're a good looking group!!

I just had to include this one. Dad and I had just got back from the auto dealership where he'd bought a brand new Cadillac. I love the merriment in his eyes here. He was like a little boy with a new toy. He never could figure out how to use half the features! In fact, one day, he sat beeping at me from the driveway as he couldn't figure out how to unlock his doors and get out of the car!

A smile on my face at all the memories of Daddy on this day. Every day in fact.


Silverback said...

Glad I had several opportunities to be in his company. A fine man.

And yes, I did take the first pic.


Daphne said...

How wonderful that you can write like that - no regrets. Fantastic. I bet not many people could say that and I think it's great that you can. I love the photos too.