Thursday, December 18, 2008

So, I was in Wal-Mart

I really hate shopping. Today wasn't too bad. I only needed a few things and just wanted to wander around Wally World and look at things I'd like, but I can't have. I enjoyed it actually.

Everything was groovy. I got everything I needed and for once the shelves weren't barren of things I wanted. I wasn't mean to anyone. I didn't have any memory lapses. I didn't talk to the items on the shelves. I was a good girl. I saw a lady in a motorized wheel chair that would have been picture fodder for my last post. She put whole milk into her cart...I refrained from saying 'BUY SKIM'! I thought I did well.

Yes, things were groovy right up until the time I hit the check out lane. Got my things up and the checker was friendly enough, or so I thought. It was a thin disguise. I bought 2 bottles of wine. A little message came up on the screen that said 'customer is over 40'. I said 'gee, you didn't even question that' as an obvious joke. She said 'I didn't have to ask, I can tell you're way over 40! Look at you, all that grey! You look like Pepe Le Pew!'

Wow...kick me while I'm down!

I'll be making an appointment with the beauty salon for tomorrow.


Mason's Mommy said...

did she actually say that? Wow look at all that grey??? Good grief.

CLS said...

WOW - I didn't have the scanner on to hear about the death and dismemberment that occured ar Wally World today !!!!!!!!!!!

It'll probably make the evening news............

Debby said...

MM...oh yes she did! Ian tried to diffuse the situation by saying something about 'a young 39 year old woman' and the checker said I couldn't pass for a 59 year old!

CLS...if I see her on the street...she need beware of the sponge bob bus!

Debby said...

By the way..anyone else reading these comments...that adorable baby picture that Mason's Mommy has is my grandson!

Luanne said...

You should have reached out and pinched her cheek and said between clenched teeth Ohhh is someone having a bad day?

This post reminded me of going shopping with your mom and my mom in old town Saginaw to some upscale (for Saginaw) botique. Your mom went in and tried on a fancy dress and when she walked out and looked in the mirror she made some comment about how ugly the dress looked on and the snooty sales lady told her it wasn't the dress.

Man was there sputtering in the car on the way home, but as usual it turned in to a good laugh as time went on. Do you remember that, because I honestly can't remember if you were with your mom or not.

Speaking of your mom, I think it was right around this time 38 years ago that you and your mom and dad stopped to see Ed and I and our brand new baby on your way thru Nebraska to visit your brother Danny. My mom was so envious that you got to see her new grandson before she did.


Daphne said...

I think this was time for Stephen's frequently-asked question, "Did you get the refund?" And when they ask what refund, you say "From the charm school." Or you could have smiled sweetly and said "Ah well, at least I don't have a face like a bag of chisels."

Debby said...

I was rendered speechless which doesn't happen often!