Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Into each life some rain must fall

I might be taking literary liberties with Longfellow (and practicing alliteration also it seems), but I have to admit the man could turn a phrase. I think another part of the referenced poem says something about the sun still shining behind the clouds. He's a real glass half full kinda guy, just like me. Heaven help my plagiarizing self, but some days must be dark and dreary. How they affect our attitude is up to us.

Today is such a day here. It's been raining off and on since I got up this morning. Nary a sliver of blue sky have I seen today.

What a wonderful day it has been so far!!! My goldfinches are still hitting the bird feeder even in the rain. They're so vibrant and sunny yellow, they can't help but brighten the day of any observer. I saw the first oriole of the season today too and that made me do a happy dance for sure! Who needs sunshine when you've got moments like these?

I got all dolled up this morning and ran out to try to procure a job. Came home all wet and cold and put on my Daddy's snugly, warm, sweatsuit. How wonderful to be wrapped in something Daddy used to wear all the time. I'm sitting here now with a warm blanket on my legs and a fluffy dog nestled up next to me. I just had a cup of wonderful, steaming, hot coffee. Warmed me from the inside out.

My grandson is sitting with his mommy right now talking to his new best friend, my ceiling fan! He's smiling away and it's not even turned on. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy watching him.

So yes, into each life some rain must fall. I say bring it on. It gives me a chance to slow down and rejuvenate my soul.

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Silverback said...

Rain did you say ? You wanna try living here then. Your soul would be so 'rejuvenated' it'd still be a toddler when you're getting your pension.