Friday, May 16, 2008

Birds of a feather

Mine are not flocking together and I'm ever so upset.

Papa and I decided to take the behemoth out for a few days. Yes, I know that diesel fuel is $4.60 a gallon right now. Yes, I know I don't have any money. But damn I look good behind the wheel of that one ton doolie. I get the oddest looks when driving. I guess they just figure it's a mans job. They figured wrong. This picture was taken in April of 2006 with me in it for scale. That was 60 pounds ago...just imagine me a bit narrower and that will make the scale more accurate.

Sorry, I digressed there. This blog is about birds. Yesterday in Houghton Lake when hooking up the electrics to begin our trip, I discovered a bird nest in the hitch box. I asked Den to take care of it and assumed (obviously wrong) that he'd done so. We have stowaways. We heard chirping this afternoon, and after investigating with a very strong flashlight, we found baby birds very deep down in the hitch box. Mama must be frantic back home. We were going to continue our journey tomorrow to another campground for a few more days, but now we'll be heading home instead. Hoping the babies will be strong enough to weather the journey, and then that their mama will be waiting for them. I hope by this time tomorrow, my birds of a feather will be flocking together.


Silverback said...

Good to know that even at his advanced age, Den can still pull the birds !


Daphne said...

That truck is about twenty times bigger than anything I've ever driven and I don't think I could drive it, let alone try to park it in Leeds City Centre!
Very sorry to hear about the birds.