Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pondering pillows

Why is it so difficult to get a good pillow?

I grew up using down pillows. Two of them to be precise. They're expensive to say the least, and difficult to find just the right one. When they get flat after several months of use, I'm off on a quest to find new ones.

Last year I found a down alternative pillow that was fantastic! Even better, they only cost $16 for 2 of them at Sam's club. I brought them home and they were perfect. So good in fact, I went back to Sam's and bought 4 more sets. I took 2 to Michigan, and left 2 here. The first set lasted about 5 months or so before they got all flat. I broke out the next set for the trip back to MI in May. Oh no, they weren't quite the same. I never really had a good nights sleep. So, last night, I broke out the next set.

OMG they were horrid! Rock hard and just not acceptable at all! So much for all of them being the same! I swear, I'm like the princess and the pea. Pillows have to be perfect or I just can't sleep. I was awake every 30 minutes all night long. Would it really have been so difficult for the manafacturer to make the pillows all the same for goodness sakes???? God only knows what the other set that is still in Michigan is like!

So, today, instead of playing Mah Jongg like I wanted, I'll be out on the great pillow search..... again.

Sighhh it's not easy being a princess...but I guess someone has to do it!


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I actually have a skin condition called dermatographia. Yeah, basically it means all my body's histimines or whatever are constantly at the surface of my skin and any kind of tiny irritation is going to cause me to break out in hives. Pillows are horrid for me! I have to buy hypoallergenic ones (about $40 for my two) once every couple months, otherwise my ears become swollen and itchy. Then I scratch while I'm asleep and wake up with painful ears...eep.

I feel your pain!

Katherine said...

I'm Mrs Fussy too. I like one pillow, not too plump, and them I fold it in half lengthwise and have it under my neck. Great post. Got me thinking :o)